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The transition to grey hair is a personal journey that involves accepting and embracing the natural greying process as one ages.

It signifies self-acceptance and confidence, but it can also be a challenging adjustment for many as they may struggle with feeling a certain loss of identity. Some choose to fully embrace their grey hair, while others gradually transition through techniques like balayage, high or lowlights to blend it with their natural colour. This shift in societal beauty standards celebrates the beauty and wisdom that comes with age, empowering individuals to express their authentic selves and embrace the natural beauty of grey hair.

At L’Artiste Coiffeur we have helped people, with suitable hair colours and hair health, to transition all in one go. 

Below is an example of a complete Transition achieved all in one go rather than gradually.


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Grey Hair Transitioning For Brunettes.

For people who want to transition more slowly, we use specialised toners unique to our salon. Our hair salon is one of the only hairdressers with the knowledge and expertise to enable brunettes to blend their grey without lightening their hair.

This technique is ideal for brunettes who wish to hide their previous hair colour along the length and smoothly transition to their natural grey, while also blending their regrowth. This service does not involve using foils or bleach! Thanks to R+Color's innovative colouring technology, it is now possible to create a non-permanent colour that fades very gradually without turning yellow or orange. This allows your grey hair to blend completely at first and then gradually become more visible as your hair grows. Since we're using non-permanent colour, this process is non-committal, giving you the flexibility to change your mind if at any point you feel that you're not quite ready to fully embrace your grey hair. 

During your following appointments, we will blend your regrowth only. This process can be repeated as many times as you like until your grey hair reaches a length that you are happy with.

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 For people with blonde hair who desire to lighten their hair during the transition process, this is also possible using our specialised lighting techniques.


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 How to gracefully transition to your natural grey video demonstrations.



How to Blend Your Grey Hair Without Colouring!

Grey hair can often look dull and lacklustre making us feel older and less confident. There is a beautiful Balayage technique for women who would like to stay natural, without colouring their hair, but would also like their grey hair to be less prevalent and more blended.

The Perle Balayage blends your grey and natural hair colour creating soft, harmonious tones, giving your hair more radiance and shine. 

This technique is very low maintenance, blending with the natural regrowth, so requires only a gloss between balayage services.  No foils are used during this service, so there is no risk of any heat damage that often occurs during poorly performed foiling services.

The Perle Balayage is amazing as it can be completely personalised to suit your needs and lifestyle.

At L'Artiste Coiffeur in Teneriffe Brisbane, we are known for our tailored approach to all our cuts, colours and balayages. We love making you feel more youthful, radiant and confident by the time you leave our salon, and this balayage certainly enables us to do that. You can view our Perle balayage package and examine more examples of our work by clicking here

 Look and feel confident in your natural beauty!

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How to Care For Your Grey Hair and Combat Yellowing?

Before we dive straight into how we can combat the yellowing of grey hair we first need to understand grey hair, and what causes this discolouration.

Grey or White hair is very sensitive, dehydrated and can be brittle due to the lack of melanin in the hair. There is also a decrease in the amount of keratin in grey or white hair. 

Grey or White hair contains very little to no melanin, making the hair strands susceptible to picking up pigments from their environment and turning the hair strands yellow over time. 

The most common causes for grey hair going yellow:

Sun Exposure: The UV rays strip the blue pigments out of grey hair leaving only the yellow pigments in the hair strand. 

Hard Water: Mineral and Chemical residue from our water and from swimming pools can deposit onto the hair shaft which has a yellowing effect on the hair. As grey or white hair has little to no melanin it is clearly visible as a yellowy tone on the hair.

Heat Styling: Hot tools can cause further discolouration to the hair strands by reacting with these chemical and mineral deposits on the hair. 

Medication & Illness: Certain illnesses and medications can have a yellowing effect on the hair, as the hair is white it is more visible than someone with darker-coloured hair. 

Pollution: Pollution and Cigarette smoke also deposit unwanted yellow pigments onto the hair.

Product BuildUp: Hair care products if not washed off properly can cause a buildup on the hair and cause discolouration by changing the reflects of the hair. 

How do we prevent or combat this yellowing on the hair? 

Unfortunately, there is no complete way of preventing the yellowing of grey hair, nor can we remove it from the hair

But there are plenty of ways to combat the yellowing. 

Hydration: It is very important to use good quality professional shampoo and conditioner to restore hydration to the hair. Shampoo will need to be Sulphate free, Paraben free and Silicone free avoiding continual melanin depletion and build-up on the hair. 

Drink plenty of water. 

Toning Shampoo & Conditioner: A toning shampoo and conditioner are essential to neutralise unwanted yellow tones. My preference would be for shampoos for silver and grey hair rather than blonde hair. Some purple shampoos can be extremely drying on the hair, and very pigmented so exercise discernment when using them.

Purple masks or conditioners are much softer in colour and very hydrating, so this would also be my preferred choice. 

Serum: Using a serum with UV protection will keep your hair looking shiny, and hydrated throughout the day but also protected from UV rays. The serum also helps smoothen and seal the cuticle allowing for less frizziness. 

Keratin Treatments: As grey and white hair has lost a lot of keratin this is a great treatment to restore manageability and reinforces the hair. It is a protein treatment on the hair, which can have a yellowing effect, however, there are purple and blue neutralising keratin treatments that will not exacerbate the yellowness of the hair, they can even neutralise it. 

Toners & Gloss: This is the best way to neutralise these unwanted yellow pigments. Not only does this make the grey or white hair bright and beautiful and not yellow, but it also smooths the cuticle and reduces split ends, frizziness and dryness. 

Protection: Protection from chlorine and harmful UV is important. After sun and sea water or swimming-pool exposure make sure to wash your hair with shampoo and hydrate with a mask or conditioner. It is important to wash your hair while it is still wet and not to let it dry with chlorine and sea water on it. 

Water filter: If you do live in an area that uses well water or you have copper pipes or hard water, installing a showerhead that filters the water could be a good idea. It will reduce your hair's exposure to unwanted mineral and chemical deposits in the water. 

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